1. Form — 'we are the thing itself' (1984)
  2. Freedom from Unreal Loyalties (1987)
  3. The Creative Landscape (1994)
  4. The Narrow Bridge of Art and Politics (1996)
  5. The Pattern behind the Words (1997)
  6. “Painting The Words”: A Version of Lily Briscoe’s painting from To The Lighthouse. (2000)
  7. Experiments in Constructing The Visual Field:
    Conversations with Woolf and Stein,and Painting The Waves. (2001)
  8. Seven Chariots of War (2005)
  9. "The Lost Culture of Women's Liberation" Project Thoughts on an Evolving Method
Selected Publications




  1. Lost Culture of Women's Liberation, the Pre-Dynastic Phase 1969-74

  2. Virginia Woolf and the Codebreaker
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